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Rush Of Fools - Wonder Of The World

Rush Of Fools - Wonder Of The World
Artist:Rush Of Fools
Title:Wonder Of The World
Description:Rush of Fools self-titled debut exploded at radio, garnering 4 Dove nominations & Song of the Year. This their 2nd release features more of the passionate lyrics & contemporary, hooky melodies that launched the band's successful career. "We always put our hearts & souls into the lyrics, because if we're going to be writing songs about God, they better be true, they better be good & they better be honest. We strive hard to not shy away from the tough lyrics about our own sins & struggles.
Songs: 1.There Is Nothing 2.Wonder Of The World 3.Holy One 4.You Are Glory 5.Lose It All 6.Escape 7.Freedom Begins Here 8.Tonight 9.The Only Thing That's Beautiful In Me 10.No Name 11.Never Far Away
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Condition:Brand New