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Bebo Norman - Bebo Norman

Bebo Norman - Bebo Norman
Artist:Bebo Norman
Title:Bebo Norman
Description:Bebo Norman's new self-titled album finds the CCM mainstay rooted in the tuneful sensibilities of artists like James Taylor & John Mayer, confidently stretching the musical arrangements to his often worshipful melodies. 'Stylistically it's a bit more modern, keeping melodies real simple & focusing on instrumentation experimenting with different sounds.' As far as theme, Bebo comments "There are several people around me in dark throes, desperately clinging to Christ in the midst of it. It's a reminder that real life happens to believers & unbelievers alike.
Songs: 1.Hear It From Me 2.Pull Me Out 3.Not Livin In The In Between 4.Britney 5.Ruins 6.Never Saw You Coming 7.A Million Raindrops 8.The Only Hope 9.Can't Live Without You 10.One Bright Hour
Price: $9.00
Condition:Shrink Wrap