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Darlene Zschech - You Are Love

Darlene Zschech - You Are Love
Artist:Darlene Zschech
Title:You Are Love
Description:Best known for her work with Hillsong, Darlene Zschech's classic worship songs are beloved by millions & sung all over the world. In her fourth solo project, You Are Love, Zschech's worshipful heart & desire to honor the Lord burst forth in full color. She challenges her listeners to lean a little closer to God, to hear Him speak & know His voice. Zschech's desire is to reignite hope in Christ. The sense of thanksgiving, profound worship & a blend of energetic praise & sincere personal devotion are affectionately interwoven through You Are Love.
Songs: 1.Under Grace 2.Saving Me 3.You Are Love 4.We Are Your People 5.I Will Wait 6.Beautiful 7.Hope For Humanity 8.Faithful 9.Cry Of The Broken 10.Face To Face 11.Under Grace (Bonus)
Genre(s):Worship, Contemporary
Price: $12.00
Condition:Brand New