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Norma Jean - The Anti Mother

Norma Jean - The Anti Mother
Artist:Norma Jean
Title:The Anti Mother
Description:Norma Jean has cut a clear path in metal music & continues to push boundaries & limits on the Anti-Mother, creating a symphony of discourse & chest pounding songs. A perfect addition to an already astonishing catalog of music, The Anti-Mother shows once again why Norma Jean are trend setters & leaders in their genre.
Songs: 1.Vipers, Snakes & Actors 2.Self Employed Chemist 3.Birth Of The Anti Mother 4.Robots 3 Humans 0 5.Death Of The Anti Mother 6.Surrender Your Sons 7.Murphy Was An Optimist 8.Opposite Of Left & Wrong 9.Discipline Your Daughters 10.And There Will Be A Swarm
Price: $10.00
Condition:Shrink Wrap