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Spring Hill Worship - The Name

Spring Hill Worship - The Name
Artist:Spring Hill Worship
Title:The Name
Description:Celebrating the best worship songs that Spring Hill Worship has to offer, The Name showcases 15 exciting new songs of praise & worship. Featuring the vocal talents of Tom Lane, Carl Cartee, Kate Miner & others, it delivers worship music perfect for those intimate devotion times, as well as times of corporate / group worship.
Songs: 1.Somebody Dance - Kate Miner 2.Glorious Impossible - Carl Cartee 3.Mighty Breath Of God - Tom Lane/Tim Hughes 4.Echoes Around The World - Anadara 5.Chasing After You - Carl Cartee 6.Falling - Caleb Rowden 7.Bread Has Been Broken - Jeff Deyo/Anadara 8.King Of My World - Rick Cua/Charity Von 9.The Name - Anadara 10.Sacred Potter - Cole Young 11.Honestly - Elis Dummer 12.In Your Presence - Charity Von 13.Children Of God - Carl Cartee 14.Pleasure Of The King - 11-11 15.Adoration - The Booth Brothers 16.Song Of My Surrender - Anadara
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Condition:Brand New