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Jill Parr - Me Again

Jill Parr - Me Again
Artist:Jill Parr
Title:Me Again
Description:My mission is to fear God, to let the roots of faith go deep, to trust without question & to encourage others along the same path. My heart is to recapture the imagination of women stuck in the mundane, to reclaim the dreams that God has given them & to dare those who have never felt purpose for their lives to learn what God has placed them here for. My passion is to remind people how God looks down on them with love & longing & I'm out to accomplish this 1 person at a time.
Songs: 1.Reach 2.The New Normal 3.Me Again 4.Have A Little Hope 5.Just The Way I Am 6.County Line 7.Where I Belong 8.Nothing Less Nothing More 9.Rock Star 10.You Surround Me 11.County Line (Live)
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