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House Of Heroes - Say No More

House Of Heroes - Say No More
Artist:House Of Heroes
Title:Say No More
Description:With today's tendency towards label shifts & re-assignments, House of Heroes self-titled debut for Gotee Records largely flew beneath the radar. Enter Say No More: a re-release of their startling & genre bending debut enhanced by better label promotion, nationwide tours & 2 new songs.
Songs: 1.Buckets For Bullet Wounds 2.Fast Enough 3.Friday Night 4.The Invisible Hook 5.Mercedes Baby 6.Serial Sleepers 7.Make A Face Like You Mean It 8.Metaphor In Parentheses 9.You Are The Judas 10.Pulling Back The Skin 11.Suicide Baby 12.Angels In Top Hats
Price: $9.00
Condition:Shrink Wrap