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Chris August - The Maker

Chris August - The Maker
Artist:Chris August
Title:The Maker
Description:It is with honest reflection that Chris penned these songs, writing from a place of pain & doubt caused by a life-threatening head injury & the lasting effects it had on him. Taking the time to be mentored, to heed God's Word & to be still, Chris experienced a level of healing he had never thought possible & his journey is reflected in his songwriting & artistry on The Maker.
Songs: 1.The Maker 2.I'm In Love With You 3.He's Still Here 4.Drop Your Stone 5.Paradise 6.Gotta Be A Change 7.Find You To Find Me 8.Just The Same 9.Superhero 10.Muddy Waters 11.Something
Price: $17.00
Condition:Brand New