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Underoath - Survive Kaleidoscope

Underoath - Survive Kaleidoscope
Title:Survive Kaleidoscope
Description:The CD includes 12 highlight recordings from their national tour, while the DVD puts you in the front row for their sold-out show at The Electric Factory in Philadelphia. This explosive live release from Florida hardcore outfit Underoath features electrifying live renditions.
Songs: 1.Returning Empty Handed 2.In Regards To Myself 3.It's Dangerous Business 4.You're Ever So Inviting 5.To Whom It May Concern 6.A Moment Suspended In Time 7.Young & Aspiring 8.Writing On The Walls 9.Everyone Looks So Good 10.Casting Such A Thin Shadow 11.Moving For The Sake Of Motion 12.A Boy Brushed Red
Media:CD & DVD
Price: $15.00 (on special, normally $18.00 )
Condition:Shrink Wrap