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VeggieTales - VeggieTales - Greatest Hits CD

VeggieTales - VeggieTales - Greatest Hits CD
Title:VeggieTales - Greatest Hits CD
Description:Everybody's favorite singing vegetables have finally released their long-awaited collection of greatest hits & savory favorites! VeggieTales Greatest Hits is not only filled with laugh-out-loud classic silly songs like "The Hairbrush Song" & "Bellybutton," but you'll also find touching songs like "My Day". This enhanced CD also has 2 bonus videos, "Dance of the Cucumber" & "Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps" & the bonus song, "Foreign Exchange Veggies," which includes international takes on favorite Veggie tunes! It's an essential compilation of 15 favorites for any VeggieTales fan.
Songs: 1.VeggieTales Theme Song 2.God Is Bigger 3.The Water Buffalo Song 4.The Hairbrush Song 5.I Can Be Your Friend 6.Stand! 7.The New & Improved Bunny Song 8.Big Things - Too 9.Pirates Who Don't Do Anything 10.Song Of The Sebķ 11.His Cheeseburger 12.Thankfulness Song Medley 13.My Day 14.Belly Button 15.What We Have Learned (Ukulele) 16.Bonus: Foreign Exchange
Price: $15.00
Condition:Shrink Wrap