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Kids - Top 50 Kindergarten Songs

Title:Top 50 Kindergarten Songs
Description:Performed by the Wonder Kids, this 50 song collection is divided into different learning categories: the alphabet, Bible songs, songs from around the world, counting songs, American folk songs & school songs. Will keep your children entertained with songs that are both fun & educational.
Songs: 1.Now I Know My ABC's 2.Sing A Song Of Sixpence 3.Billy Boy 4.This Ol' Man 5.Roll Over 6.A To Z Come Sing With Me 7.Every Letter Has A Sound 8.Pardon Me Please 9.The Farmer In The Dell 10.The Days Of The Week 11.If You're Happy & You Know It 12.Climb Sunshine Mountain 13.My Secret Pocket 14.Who Built The Ark 15.Kookaburra 16.Ten Little Miles 17.Barnyard Song 18.There's A Hole In The Bucket 19.Found A Peanut 20.Bicycle Built For Two


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