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KJ-52 - 7th Avenue

KJ-52 - 7th Avenue
Title:7th Avenue
Description:KJ-52 made his label debut on Essential records with the launch of 7th Avenue. Four years, several albums & much recognition later, he continues to entertain diverse audiences without compromising the Gospel of his distinct hip-hop sound.
Songs: 1.1- 2- 3 2.Keep It Moving 3.The Hardway 4.Keep Ya Head Up 5.Do What I Do 6.We Rock The Mic 7.It's The S.O.I. 8.Integrity 9.This Is Love 10.Lift Me Up 11.All Around The World 12.Need Someone 13.It's The S.O.I. (Remix) 14.12 Round Knockout
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Condition:Brand New