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Jason Upton - Trusting The Angels

Jason Upton - Trusting The Angels
Artist:Jason Upton
Title:Trusting The Angels
Description:Psalm 91 tells us that God is constantly sending His messengers (angels) to help 'keep us in all His ways.' Many of the lyrics on this CD speak of our relinquishing control & trusting. Trusting the Angels is all about learning to trust God's sovereign rule over our lives to the extent that every child, spouse, friend & yes, even enemy can be seen as a cup to drink in from our Father. He has truly given 'His angels charge over us, to keep us in all his ways.'
Songs: 1.Intro 2.Emma (Not Alone) 3.One Of These Days 4.When It Thunders 5.Face Of Time 6.Where Fools Turn To Gold 7.Cloud By Day 8.Hannah (A Child Is Born) 9.Trusting The Angels 10.Is There Room
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Condition:Brand New