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Jim Brickman - Valentine

Jim Brickman - Valentine
Artist:Jim Brickman
Description:Enjoy the musical mastery of pianist & composer Jim Brickman on an original collection of romantic songs & inspirational ballads. Valentine features guest appearances from Jaci Velasquez, Lady Antebellum & more leading artists.
Songs: 1.Valentine 2.To Hear You Say You Love Me (With Jake Simpson) 3.Escape 4.Sundown 5.Reflection 6.You (With Tara MacLean) 7.Open 8.Brazil Sunset 9.Sacred Moment 10.Love Of My Life (With Tom Douglas) 11.Never Alone (With Lady Antebellum) 12.Destiny (With Jaci Velasquez)
Genre(s):Instrumental, Contemporary
Price: $12.00
Condition:Shrink Wrap