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Gungor (Formally Known As Michael Gungor) - Ghosts Upon The Earth

Artist:Gungor (Formally Known As Michael Gungor)
Title:Ghosts Upon The Earth
Description:Ghosts Upon the Earth, the new release from Grammy nominated group Gungor, was produced by the musical collective's namesake, Michael Gungor. This follow-up to the critically acclaimed Beautiful Things project was composed as a full narrative celebrating both the beauty & frailty of existence.
Songs: 1.Let There Be 2.Brother Moon 3.Crags & Clay 4.The Fall 5.When Death Dies 6.Church Bells 7.Wake Up Sleeper 8.Ezekiel 9.Vous Etes Mon Coure (You Are My Heart) 10.This Is Not The End 11.You Are The Beauty 12.Every Breath
Released:2011-10-13 00:00:00.0
Price: 13.0
Condition:Brand New