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VeggieTales - Gideon Tuba Warrior/King George & The Ducky DVD

Title:Gideon Tuba Warrior/King George & The Ducky DVD
Description:Gideon Tuba Warrior - Tu-ba or not tu-ba? Based on the biblical story of Gideon, this hilarious, inspiring tale of an undefeated army of 30,000 excessively hairy & malevolent pickles stars Larry the Cucumber, whose expertise on the tuba hardly translates into warrior wisdom! How will Gideon & his puny recruits defeat their "dilly" of a foe? King George & The Ducky - Trouble's a-brewing in the Veggie empire! The pompous cucumber King George makes a huge blunder when he declares that the most important person in the world is . . . well, himself! Feelings are hurt. Will he learn the importance of putting other people first, before it's too late? Don't miss the latest adventure from Larry, Bob & Junior. Region 1
Released:2013-01-01 00:00:00.0
Price: 20.0
Condition:Shrink Wrap