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Telecast - Special Double 6

Telecast - Special Double 6

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Title:Special Double 6
Description:*Eternity Is Now - Fresh off touring with Jeremy Camp & David Crowder, worship rockers Telecast update their clean, contemporary sound with 11 powerful songs of life & faith. - - - - - *Quiet Revolution -Telecast's 3rd album, Quiet Revolution, brings theology back to music with a beautifully crafted collection of 12 songs that serve as a call to holiness for believers. With a potent mix of theological truth & catchy songs that'll stick in your cranium for weeks, Quiet Revolution is a shining example of dynamic pop music with a theologian's heart.

1.Eternity Is Now


3.Saturate 4.Face To Face 5.Release The Deep 6.Absolution 7.Fade Into You 8.Up Toward The Center 9.Today 10.Your Wounded Feet 11.Everything 12.Close To You 13.Building A Sorrowful Loveliness


15.Quiet Revolution


17.All Around Me 18.Come Down 19.Impossible Possibility 20.Beautiful Mystery 21.Enclosed By You 22.Temporary Twilight 23.Anchor Of My Soul 24.The Message 25.Quiet Revolution 26.Shoreless Ocean 27.All That You Are 28.Infinite Worth
Released:2005-12-01 00:00:00.0
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Condition:Brand New