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Janet Paschal - Journey Of Grace

Artist:Janet Paschal
Title:Journey Of Grace
Description:Janet Paschal has a style all her own. Each of the songs that she performs has a way of getting right into your heart. Her love for her Lord & Saviour, Jesus Christ, is obvious & He most definitely uses her music to remind you of who He is.
Songs: 1.God Is Up To Something 2.Something In My Heart 3.Choose You Again 4.You Can Depend On Jesus 5.If I'd Had My Way 6.Nothing Can Separate Me 7.Only For Awhile 8.Lean On You 9.I See The Difference 10.Just A Faithful
Released:1995-01-01 00:00:00.0
Genre(s):Easy Listening
Price: 7.0
Condition:Brand New