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Children 18:3 - Children 18:3

Artist:Children 18:3
Title:Children 18:3
Description:Featuring 2 vocalists, Minneapolis' Children 18:3 boasts an armada of delicious melodies & a live show that is completely compelling in the most unkempt, erratic sort of way. This 3-piece punk rock band of siblings puts their unique stamp on the genre.
Songs: 1.All My Balloons 2.LCM 3.You Know We're All So Fond Of 4.Search Warrant 5.Even Sleeping 6.Ditches 7.The City 8.Homemade Valentine 9.Samantha 10.Mock The Music 11.A Chance To Say Goodbye 12.Time & Wasted Bullets 13.Balloons Reprise 14.Final
Released:2008-02-26 00:00:00.0
Price: 7.0
Condition:Brand New