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VeggieTales - A Queen, A King & A Very Blue Berry CD

Title:A Queen, A King & A Very Blue Berry CD
Description:Bob, Larry & the whole Veggie family brings you another VeggieTunes collection! Features 18 tunes from Madame Blueberry, King George & the Ducky & Esther The Girl Who Became Queen with songs like I'm So Blue, His Cheeseburger, I Love My Duck & more!
Songs: 1.Veggietales Theme Song 2.I'm So Blue 3.Stuff-Mart Suite 4.Salesmunz Rap 5.Thankfulness Song Medley 6.Stuff Stuff, Mart Mart, (The Blue Danube) 7.His Cheeseburger 8.Yodeling Veterarian Of The Alps 9.I Love My Duck 10.I Must Have It 11.There Once Was A Man 12.Selfish Song 13.Endangered Love 14.Battle Prelude 15.Haman's Song 16.Battle Is Not Ours 17.Lost Puppies 18.What Have We Learned
Released:2001-01-09 00:00:00.0
Price: 12.0
Condition:Shrink Wrap