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Shaun Groves - White Flag

Artist:Shaun Groves
Title:White Flag
Description:Shaun Groves has been serving as co-pastor to students in his home church, teaching extensively on the Beatitudes. As happens to teachers, the material seeped into his own soul & it spills out delightfully all through White Flag, a veritable feast of spiritual truth put to great music. Groves doesn't write & sing only of what the passage says, but of what it has come to mean in his own life & heart. It's a distinct & powerful difference, manifesting beautifully in the passion & sincerity of these songs.
Songs: 1.What's Wrong With This World 2.Sad Song 3.Amen 4.White Flag 5.Crave 6.Hummingbird 7.Heaven Hang On 8.Bless The Lord 9.Only 10.My Enemy 11.Peace Has Broken Out 12.Narrow
Released:2005-07-12 00:00:00.0
Price: 5.0 (on special, normally 10.0 )
Condition:Brand New