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FM Static - What Are You Waiting For?

Artist:FM Static
Title:What Are You Waiting For?
Description:With highly accessible pop-punk appeal FM Static explodes on the scene like a bottle of fizzy. Their debut album, What Are You Waiting For?, is the side-project of Thousand Foot Krutch's Trevor McNevan & Steve Augustine. Recorded in Seattle, the album is packed with positive power anthems that deal with trials, loves, losses & simply growing up.
Songs: 1.Three Days Later 2.Crazy Mary 3.Something To Believe In 4.Definitely Maybe 5.Donna 6.All The Days 7.Hold Me Twice 8.The Notion 9.October 10.My First Stereo 11.Hey Now
Released:2003-07-22 00:00:00.0
Price: 7.0
Condition:Brand New