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Rhythm - The Forward Concept

Title:The Forward Concept
Description:Rhythm is finally making their national debut after 10 long years of development & touring. Rhythm's life experiences are evident through insightful messages. Songs like Beautiful World & Let Me Sing express deep feelings of joy & forgiveness, while songs like Smile & Moment In Your Life energize you with a sound driven from the heart of every member.
Songs: 1.Moment In Your Life 2.Smile 3.Surrounded 4.Take Me 5.New 6.Beautiful World 7.Words From The Heart 8.The Switch 9.Let Me Sing 10.On The Verge
Released:2005-01-01 00:00:00.0
Price: 5.0 (on special, normally 10.0 )
Condition:Shrink Wrap