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C3 (CCC Oxford Falls) - Abide

Artist:C3 (CCC Oxford Falls)
Description:C3 Worship Band exists to connect people to God through an expression of vibrant & contemporary worship. The band is passionate about seeing generations unite together to worship God & encounter His presence. Over the years C3 Worship band has seen literally tens of thousands of people connect with Jesus.
Songs: 1.Your Name 2.Speak 3.Blazing Light 4.King Of Glory 5.Face To Face 6.Skin & Bone 7.Those Rusted Nails 8.You Are My God 9.It All Comes Back To Jesus 10.Psalm 84 (Acoustic) 11.Psalm 84
Released:2016-04-17 00:00:00.0
Price: 20.0
Condition:Brand New