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DVD'S - Movies - Documentary - Bananas - Joby Saad DVD

Artist:DVD'S - Movies - Documentary
Title:Bananas - Joby Saad DVD
Description:In this episode of Bananas, comedian Joby Saad goes berserk & you'll love every minute of it! Known for his freaky facial expressions & comedic physicality, Joby Saad delivers a truly unique brand of theatrical comedy combining dance, one-liners & mime. With his distinct views on normal life, the quirky Joby will keep you rolling in laughter. This DVD is more than just stand-up - it's hilarious interviews, as well as some comical unscripted moments caught on tape. Bananas is good clean fun for the entire family. Approx. 127 mins. Region 0
Released:2005-10-20 00:00:00.0
Price: 10.0
Condition:Brand New