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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How come you are cheaper than the shops?

    I buy most of my stock outside NZ and I specialize in buying CDs with damaged cases (which I replace), and I buy at a cheaper rate when my suppliers are overstocked.

  2. Can I pay by credit card?

    No, sorry no credit card payments at this stage, direct debiting payment into our bank account is preferred but if you want to send a cheque please add a 50 cent transaction fee and I will post goods as soon as the cheque is cleared.

  3. Do you do lay-buys?

    Yes as long as you make regular payments and add a 50 cent transaction fee for every individual payment you make.

  4. How come the CDs don't all come in Shrink Wrap?

    I buy them with damaged cases so I can get a better price.

  5. When will I get delivery?

    I ship as soon as payment is confirmed in my account, courier orders are delivered within 2 days. Rural addresses or post bags are larger & some even sent as a small parcels, they can take 1-2 days longer to arrive. All orders are only sent Monday to Friday.

  6. Can you get me a quote?

    Yes, but please be aware CDs come from overseas and take approximately 10-20 days to arrive in NZ.

  7. Why don't you have much NZ music?

    I don't sell much NZ music because you can often get a better deal elsewhere in NZ.

  8. Why don't all songs have samples I can listen to?

    I have loaded most of the music samples that I can, so if there is no speaker icon next to a specific song, sorry but it isn't available.

  9. Can I pick up my discs?

    Yes (I live in Ngatea), but you will need to email with an approximate time.

  10. What are your contact details?

    Paula Reith, 44 Darlington St, Ngatea, Waikato 3503. Email:

  11. What if my disc doesn't work?

    If I have another one in stock I will immediately send a replacement with a stamped addressed envelope so you can return the faulty one (this is so I can get a replacement). If I don't have another one you can either choose another (similar in price) or have a refund.

  12. How much will shipping cost?

    $4 Courier (No Rural)
    $7 NZ Post Package
    $10 Courier (Rural)

    If you would like to buy more, email me at and I will give you a quote.

    Please note we do not currently ship overseas.

  13. If I have already brought something from Trade Me can I combine shipping with a web page purchase?

    Yes that is fine, please mention it in the "Special Instructions" box on this site's order page. If it is possible please buy from this web site rather than Trade Me as it is cheaper for CCD Music and enables us to keep going!